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The India’s 08 Most Epic Motorcycle Tours

1.  Ladakh-Trans Himalayan Sky Adventure

Enjoy the incredible motorbike riding on Manali-Leh highway and explore the high altitude beauty of the Himalayas. In The Trans Himalayan motorcycle adventure tour we will take you through sunny pine forests, snow capped mountains, red rocky landscapes to the many high passes of Ladakh. It is definitely the most beautiful motorbike raid in India. The main attraction is Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable pass (5,602m/18,379ft). Prepare for an extreme expedition on the edge of beyond. Physical fitness required from every rider looking to join the club of Himalayan motorbiking devotees.  Although the pace is such that one gets well acquainted to the motorbike and acclimatizes to the thin air of the high passes of Himalayas. In this land of mountain passes, from verdant, mainly Hindu valleys to desert-like high plateaux where the Tibetan Buddhist culture is in clear evidence, you will cross bewitching lunar landscapes, only encountering nomadic goat and yak herders. This trip will be full of adventure and will take you into the wild and incomparable beauty of the world's highest mountains and highest motorable roads. We can say that is a once in a lifetime tour and a must for all.

2.  The Grand Ladakh – Ride to the Top of the World
The Indian Himalayas is unlike anywhere else on Earth, a rich tapestry of dramatic scenery and fascinating cultural diversity. There is nothing quite like riding over the beautiful Himalayan mountains on the iconic Royal Enfield. Ladakh is known as the land of high passes and is considered a Mecca for motorcyclists across the globe. It is not surprising that this barren landscape is also home to some of India’s most notable features, the ancient monasteries in Ladakh, all beautiful Lakes of Ladakh like Pangong Lake, Tosmoriri Lake, Tsokar Lake & the most famous high passes in the Himalayas: Khardung-La (18,582 FT), Chang La (17,590 FT), Tanglang La (17,480 FT) all will be covered during this the Grand Ladakh-Ride to the Top of the World Motorbike Tour.  We invite you to come and discover yourself on this once in a lifetime The Grand Ladakh Himalayan motorcycle trip. There are 10 vacancies per ride and we also permit pillion riders. Come & live your dream of riding Royal Enfield 500cc Motorbike in the Himalayas.

     3.  Ladakh- Explore High Passes, Lakes & ancient Monasteries
The Ride across Ladakh is bound to give every rider their fill with unpredictable terrains, frenzied climate & incomparable beauty. It is no doubt you will find it on every motorbike enthusiast’s list.
This trip is for people who usually travel by motorbike and ready to adapt to any situation & a must-do tour for every true travel lover. There cannot be a better way to explore heaven than to traverse through this beautiful region on a LEH Ladakh bike trip. Biking through some of the most breathtaking, challenging and awe-inspiring landscapes found on Earth which is full of the arid canyons, deep valleys, snow capped mountain ranges, verdant greens and beautiful lakes, breathing in the fresh mountain air, exploring the flora and fauna is a thrilling experience. Although the weather is cold, the hospitality of locals of Ladakh is sure to warm your heart. Journeying across this region, while daunting is bound to leave you with fond memories. Our High Himalayan Heights Motorcycle tour covers the famous pristine Pangong Tso lake, Tsomoriri Lake, Nubra valley, and the three highest motorable passes in the world- Khardung-La (18,582 FT) the world’s highest motorable pass, Changla Pass & Chang La (17,590 FT), Tanglang La (17,480 FT). This tour is designed in a way that you get properly acclimatized to the high altitude conditions of the region.

     4.  Spiti Valley –Trailer of the Little Tibet
Spiti Valley, "The Middle Land", is a beautiful region in northern Himachal Pradesh known for its scenery and its serenity. This stunning part of the world has some of the most epic roads in the world, scything through the incredible landscape of the lower Himalayas at the very roof of the world.  The Spiti Valley sits beautifully surrounded by an enormous collection of mountain ranges that cover Ladakh, Kinnaur, Kullu, Lahaul and Tibet. Our this tour starts from Shimla which was once the capital of India during the British era and then continue to the Trans Himalayan Regions of Kinnaur & Spiti.  
Travelling over some of the highest roads on the planet, our epic tour will take in everything from riding incredible valleys where the roads and rivers often share the same routes. Spiti Motorcycle tour includes unlimited fun & challenge to one of the remotest regions of Himachal Pradesh. It involves visiting remote valleys, villages and crossing over high mountain passes Rohtang Pass (3980 m) & Kunzum Pass (4550 m) providing spectacular views of picturesque snow capped peaks, rugged terrain and old monasteries & no doubt it’s an adventure of a lifetime. The ride has many highlights apart from the adventure and the landscape. You'll get to visit some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries, ride across three high-altitude passes, visit the highest villages in the world to remain populated year-round and to top it all off, ride to Chandratal lake, a beautiful high-altitude lake in the Himalayas. If you want a truly jaw-dropping adventure – this is the one for you.

     5.  Rajasthan – The Land of Regal Warrior
Taking a motorcycle tour to Rajasthan in India is the best way to explore the land of culture and adventure. Rajasthan is an incredible destination for motorbike rider & no doubt biking is the best way to explore its some of the most interior landscapes of fascinating authentic villages, secret trails, historical forts, opulent palaces, unforgettable encounters and scenes of everyday life. In Rajasthan Motorbike tour you will be able to explore the tiny nooks and corners of the city and learn about its’ history and heritage. A wondrous mix of textiles, jewelry, local craft create an exciting mélange of cultural fabric for you to discover in the narrow markets of charming weathered towns of Rajasthan. By passing through the tiny villages, travellers are exposed to the local culture of the state and also get to devour the traditional local cuisine.
This Rajasthan motorbike tour carefully blends the challenge of motorcycling with the cultural and rural experience that you encounter here. During this fantastic itinerary, you will discover stunning landscapes overflowing with the breathtaking ruins and treasured relics of an exceptional past. Lose yourself in the midst of picturesque Indian towns and villages.
The variety of this unique itinerary will transport you into a timeless Rajasthan enhanced by highly colourful encounters. Join us for a Motorcycle tour in Rajasthan that you will leave you mesmerized. Explore old forts, ancient temples and grand palaces that have withheld the test of time as you ride through the sandy stretches of Thar Desert to the sturdy Aravalli mountain range. The world of kings, forts and battles come alive in every destination that you make a stop in. As you lose yourself in the captivating folklores and fascinating tales of this magnificent state, be sure to keep your eye on the road. We ensure that you get a bite of royalty by staying in some of the restored havelis and heritage hotels of the state.

     6.  South India Motorcycle Tour- Explore Spice Route with Beaches & Backwaters
Join us for a Motorcycle tour to South India to explore Kerala & Tamil Nadu that will leave you mesmerized because of its rich mix of diverse terrains from tall mountains and deep valleys to endless backwaters and wide sandy beaches. Ride through the God’s Own Route and leisurely float across the backwaters of Kerala on this timeless Kerala motorbike safari. With its evergreen mountains, dense forests, swift flowing rivers, abundant wildlife, extensive backwaters and blue lagoons, Kerala looks like a fairyland.
Enjoy ride along the sea & through mountainous region, the perfect landscape of Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, Thekkady to the splash of backwaters that is Kerala. We have planned this Motorcycle tour in a way that you are up against the challenge of the mighty mountains and get to soak in the comfort of estate homes as well. Local food, abundant wildlife and gorgeous views enthrals and keep you hooked through on this motorcycle trip.
This South India Motorbike Tour will delight you with a combination of beaches and backwaters, spice estates, and scenic hill stations. You will be riding motorbike through roads flanked by thick forests, breezy seashores, tea & coffee carpeted hills.

7.  Himachal Pradesh – Explore the Heavenly Route
‘Himalayas in Himachal’ or one must say Himachal in Himalayas. ‘Him’ in Hindi literally means ice or snow and ‘alaya’ means home, which makes Himalayas ‘The Home of Snow’ and from there Himachal gets its name meaning ‘Land of Snow’. The Himalayas affect the climate of Himachal as well. Huge variations in the elevations of mountains (from 450m to 6500m) cause big differences in climatic conditions. Himachal Pradesh is dotted with numerous hill stations and sights of attraction that boasts snow-covered mountains, lush green valleys, oak & pine covered forests, pristine environs and natural peace. The state beholds such a majestic charm that you will never feel like leaving. It is the best way to seek a getaway from the humdrums of your city life and rejuvenate your mind body and soul.

The Himalayas, fulfilling its promise, are a reservoir of immense amount of ‘Him’ in the forms of Ice, Fresh and Underground Water. And the seeping of this moisture originates a number of rivers, which flows through the land of Himachal, namely Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Yamuna. It is also the reason of dozens of lakes that covered Himachal Pradesh. In Motorbike tour to Himachal Pradesh you explore Shimla, the state capital, is very popular among tourists & the Ridge is a large road in Shimla which is the centre of most cultural activities of Shimla. The Kalka-Shimla Railway is a mountain railway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other popular destinations like Chindi, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala (a home of the Dalai Lama, is known for its Tibetan monasteries and Buddhist temples), Pragpur (a panoramic heritage village) & Amritsar in last of the tour. Book your Motorcycle tour to India with us & explore the best of Himachal Pradesh & its hidden beauty from the underground waters to the peak of mountains, Himalayas has blessed Himachal with great natural riches. In between, the Passes, the Valleys and the Hot Springs are also the gifts of Himalaya to Himachal. Explore the best motorcycle trek with us of Himachal Pradesh on Royal Enfield 500cc Motorbike.

8.  Uttrakhand – Riding along the Holy River Ganges
Uttarakhand, a state in northern India crossed by the Himalayas, is known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites... Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful northern states of India that enthralls everyone with its spectacularly scenic landscapes. Numerous sprawling parks speak of Uttarakhand's continuous efforts to conserve its natural ecosystem; its rich culture and religious heritage ensures that it remains on top of everyone's travel plan. It has been a favored choice for travelers from around the world, who visit this mighty land every year to attain salvation for a life transforming experience.  In Uttrakhand Motorcycle tour you enjoy riding of legendary Royal Enfiled 500cc Motorcycle & explore all charming hill stations juxtaposed against snow-capped peaks, quaint villages along winding mountain roads, serpentine rivers carving their way through hills, world renowned conservation parks like ‘Jim Corbett Tiger National Park’ shelters Bengal tigers and other native wildlife, Rishikesh, a major centre for yoga study, was made famous by the Beatles’ 1968 visit. The city hosts the evening Ganga Aarti, a spiritual gathering on the sacred Ganges River. This motorcycle trip to Uttarakhand will take you to some of the amazing places like Corbett National Park, Ranikhet, Kausani, Rudraprayag, Chamba, Haridwar & Rishikesh. So, now it’s time to explore the beautiful Uttarakhand on Motorbike and experience the adventure and untouched pristine beauty of nature. So come & enjoy Guided Motorbike Tour to India with Indian Motorbike Tour company Legendary Moto Rides & explore Uttarakhand which is no doubt known as the abode of some of the best hill stations in north India.

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Your Questions before Travel to India

Do I need a visa to travel to India
An E-Tourist Visa (eVT) Facility is available for holders of a passport for a number of countries. This facility allows travelers to pre-register and pay for their visa prior to travel to India. The Visa is collected upon arrival at one of 16 designated airports in India. Please note strict guidelines on the below website.

Please follow the instructions at - and complete the application for your E-Tourist Visa.

Please be aware of strict conditions regarding application and travel (check under ELIGIBILITY section).
E-visas are only available for entry of up to 30 days. If you plan to be in India longer you will need to apply for a tourist visa at an Indian visa application centre in your home country.

Please note that travelers entering India overland from Nepal are required to apply for a visa in advance their home country. Visas will not be issued on the Nepal/Indian border.
The E-Tourist Visa DOES NOT apply to travellers entering India overland. Please check your trip notes if you are crossing a border between India and Nepal.
Indian visas are difficult and time consuming to obtain in Nepal.
Tourist visas are available in Single and Multiple Entry. Be sure to check the date you require a visa from and the length of time you will need to cover, especially if you change countries during your trip.

For your visa application you need to include the following information under the local contact section towards the end of the application. :

Legendary Moto Rides
O-93, 1st Floor, New Mahaveer Nagar,
New Delhi 110018

Please note that this information can change at any time. Please always refer to . This is the official visa online site. There have been reports of other non-official websites that travellers should be aware of.

Is tipping customary in India?
While not mandatory, tipping porters, drivers, restaurant staff and other service workers is considered polite. When taking into account the low wages earned by the average Indian person, a small tip of 10% of the service is a gracious way to show your appreciation.

What is the internet access like in India?
The internet has grown rapidly in India, so finding Wi-Fi access and cyber cafes in the large cities and regional centres won't be a problem. Smaller towns, isolated areas and rural villages may have limited to no access.

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in India?
Mobile phone coverage is generally good in urban areas, but can be patchy and less reliable in rural and mountainous areas. Ensure global roaming is activated on your phone before you arrive. Also you can buy Indian Mobile Sim from Airport / Mobile Store.

What are the toilets like in India?
Squat toilets are the most common toilets in India. Always carry your own toilet paper and soap or hand sanitizer, as they are usually not provided. Western-style flushable toilets can be found in up-market restaurants, five-star hotels and in some tourist areas.

Can I drink the water in India?
It's not recommended to drink the tap water in India. Filtered water is a better option; try to use a refillable canteen or water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Remember to avoid ice in drinks and peel fruit before eating.

Are credit cards accepted widely in India?
Credit cards are usually accepted by modern hotels, restaurants and medium-to-large shops in tourist areas. Smaller shops, cafes, market stalls and places in remote areas probably won’t have facilities that support credit cards, so ensure you have enough cash to cover expenses while in rural areas or when visiting smaller vendors and bazaars.

What is ATM access like in India?
ATMs can be found in India's large cities so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Smaller towns and isolated areas will have very few or none at all, so have enough cash to cover purchases when out of major cities.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before travelling in India?
Absolutely. All passengers travelling with Legendary Moto Rides are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

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Motorcycle Tour Experience of a Rider with Legendary Moto Rides

I booked 14 days Motorcycle Tour to Rajasthan (Land of Regal Warrior) with Legendary Moto Rides.
When we reached at Delhi Airport, we got the garland welcome by LMR’s representative & he escorted us to hotel & explained us about day by day tour programme. Next morning we drove about 130 km in air-conditioned car to Behror, small town away from the hustle bustle of Delhi. We were eight motorcyclist & four Pillions met there with each other. Later we took a test ride with Royal Enfield motorcycles for the first time. My bike was called Desert Storm & I found it more suitable to Indian road conditions. All riders were very happy with its gearing system, condition & sound of the bike. 

The route we visited Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Sam Sand Dunes, Osian, Jodhpur, Bhenswara, Udaipur, Ghanerao, Pushkar, Jaipur by Bike & then to Agra by Car. On the way we would see palaces, forts and memorable landscapes and experience a rich culture.
Camels pulling loaded carts are often seen on the roads in this trip. Also visit brick factory, local milk dairy, oxen wheel & enjoy a marble game with local kids.
Jaisalmer is embedded in the Thar Desert, on the way to the Pakistani border. Known as "the golden city", its hilltop fort seems to radiate at sunset and is quite a sight at the end of a day spent buying silks, paintings and clothes in the maze of markets at its foot.
Later ride to visit Kuldhara village, said to have been abandoned some 150 years ago. The villagers are believed to have fled, leaving a curse on Kuldhara, after discovering a local nobleman lusted after one of their maidens.

Sam is a campsite about 45km west of Jaisalmer with sweeping dunes that stretch away to the horizon. Large, comfortable tent sites dot the area - all with modern amenities. To sit on the veranda with a cold beer, watching the sun go down after a long ride is a very agreeable experience.

We crossed many scenic villages on the bike, but I loved to visit village Nevra & here we enjoyed many activities such as school visit & had conversation with kids & teacher. We visited the local village house & typical rural lady cooking food for all family members & also enjoyed the opium ceremony with villagers. The time we spent here is just incredible & unforgettable.

We also visited many Forts & Palaces in this trip but I loved Jodhpur Fort the most & Udaipur Palace.

We stayed mostly in havelis - large, colonial buildings, converted for tourists, with inner courtyards, marble floors, water fountains and wide verandas with comfortable chairs where saddle-sore riders could escape the sun.

After Jodhpur, we started our next journey to the destination called Bhenswara & enroute we visited Motorcycle Temple. Here you see a 350cc Royal Enfield motorbike garlanded with flowers and enshrined in a glass case. It was owned by a local who died in an accident on it some years ago. This Temple is so popular not only among the local people, but also people from all over India. People come to this temple to give thank for fulfilling their wishes.

The food was mostly suited to Western tastes with mild and occasionally hot curries, vegetables, dhal and naan or roti bread always a favourite.
Local restaurants have been always an eye-opener. Packed to capacity, the food was served from large steaming bowls straight onto the plate with refills readily available. As soon as we'd finished, we were ushered out and the table instantly occupied by the next customers.

We had really unique experience when we stayed in some rural destinations like Osian, Bhenswara & Ghanerao. When we reached to Pushkar, we enjoyed the sunset near the Ghat & here you can see many foreigners doing some fun activities to earn money. Some are dancing, some are playing guitar, some are singing, some are juggling & many more.
On last biking day, we reached Jaipur & visited Amber Fort on the bike. On this trip we rode Royal Enfield nearly 2200km later the trip was over. The bikes had served us all perfectly and we all returned home with wonderful memories of a truly beautiful part of India, Rajasthan.

The tour includes 13 nights twin share accommodation with breakfast and dinner, air-conditioned transfers, the use of a Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorbike, the services of experienced motorcycle mechanics, an English-speaking ride leader and support crew and a support vehicle with driver.

There are total 06 departures from October to March with prices from around $2600 for the rider and $1900 for the passenger. In a special offer from the LMR Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour, first 05 riders/pillion get free dinners throughout the tour.

We are planning to do South India Motorcycle Tour with Legendary Moto Rides in 2018. With Fixed Departure Tours, they also offer you Customized Tour & here you have many other interesting rides such as Himalayan Ride, Spiti Valley, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand. See

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Why Ride with us

Why Ride with us
If you are planning for Motorcycle Holiday in India then you want to ensure you choose an experienced & a local company that is going to look after you, give you the best time of your life and true value for your money. You have worked hard for your money and you want to make sure you invest it wisely. Our price in all tours is very competitive. We guarantee it. 

There are tour companies that will charge you less and there are tour companies that will charge you a lot more than us but there are none that come close to the value for money that Legendary Moto Rides offers.

We buy Royal Enfield 500cc motorbike & use in our tours for maximum 03 years in well maintained condition. If condition is not well then we sell it before & buy a new one.
Our services are always from Airport to Airport. You will be received by our representative at Airport & he will assist you for a smooth & prompt check-in at Hotel. We always use the authentic hotel to give you the real feel of every region, which are equal to 4 star hotels. We always share name with web-link of every hotel, so our rider can check on internet & compare.

We use a proper backup vehicle that your luggage is transported in. If the bike is lighter, it is easier to handle and safer and if you come off in a river crossing you’ll have heaps of warm, dry clothes in the support vehicle.

04 Reasons to Choose Legendary Moto Rides (

Experienced Guides, Mechanics, Support Vehicle with a complete back-up team managed by professionals to take care for each & every rider/pillion personally.

2.   Great motorcycles
We always use Royal Enfield 500cc Motorcycle in exceptionally well maintained condition. Our mechanical experts take daily loving care of all the bikes used on our tours.

Breathtaking Destinations, Exhilarating Activities, Amazing Stays and Stunning Landscapes giving you an unforgettable experience

You have a 10% discount on your 2nd trip with us & 15% on your 3rd trip.

In our Guided Motorcycle tour, we assure you to take you on a route which is really scenic, exciting & gives you a 100% authentic experience. Our tours are exciting, challenging and rewarding. Come to India & enjoy the ride of Royal Enfield Motorcycle for a Life changing experience.

Live your Dream Now & Book Motorcycle Tours:

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Incredible Motorcycle Tours in India

If you love to ride motorcycles, travel and explore, try new foods, meet new people - and want the very best in India– then the Legendary Moto Rides is the ONLY motorcycle tour company you should consider. Off course there are many other motorcycle tour company in India & also some of them may be a cheaper option but when you see the bike condition, hotel category & most importantly the route which is only a highway all the time in your tour & you just see the trucks, cars & buses.

When you choose Legendary Moto Rides as your motorcycle tour operator in India, then for sure you will get the unmatched services like guides and staff are incredible, The bikes and equipment are fantastic. With well planned routes and carefully considered accommodations, you will be losing your breath not just on your bike, but as soon as you step off. I was lucky enough to complete the Rajasthan tour with my father, and the experience and chance to bond will stick with me for the rest of my life. I have encouraged all my friends, and I encourage you, to take a step back, get out, and explore the world in a way you never thought you could with LMR! I would recommend Legendary Moto Rides to any seasoned rider looking for motorcycle tours and views where pictures simply do no justice. You only live once, and you only start living when you don't hold back.

I can assure you that, being a local Motorcycle Tour company from INDIA, you will get the true value of your money & riding on scenic routes which are personally discovered by the founders as they deeply in love with their Royal Enfield Motorbikes & passion of exploring exciting route for bikers motivated them to start this company, so they can share the unique route with their rider friends from all over the World to show you the real India. Before booking your trip with us kindly check our facebook page, reviews on trip advisor, our Tour Videos on Youtube & you ask the company to provide the contact details of their previous rider from your country to cross check, just in case if you don’t trust Facebook photos, Youtube Videos & review on Trip advisor.

Legendary Moto Rides offers fixed departure tour as well as tailor made holidays. The experienced travel designer will design tour itineraries according to your test & budget. On Tour our Experienced & expert road captain will take you to best eye-catching rural routes with panoramic landscape & meet with the locals like people working in farm & you can ride tractor, Bullock cart with them, also see the people making bricks, walk in tribal village & see their daily life style, meet with the school students & see the education style in India direct from the class, Oxen wheel taking out water from well & many more interesting activities like camel ride in soft sand dunes of thar desert, enjoy music & dance with local artist, elephant ride, jeep safari in wildlife sanctuaries & many more.

To get best motorcycle tour experience in India with scenic village road, choose Legendary Moto Rides (

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Choose the Best Adventure Motorcycle Tour in India

Touring on a motorbike is an amazing feeling that no one would like to miss. Imagine the freedom of riding on a motorcycle in the fresh air, viewing the new destination is one of the most delightful moments in the world that will completely satisfy you and your mood. The thrill and fantastic view that comes up with a riding tour are one of the most exciting experiences that you can get in your life. When you travel on Motorcycle, you explore more & much easy and convenient in comparison to a Bus & Car. We can cover the route which is rarely used by other because bus/car tourists just travel on highways only & they miss lot of hidden magic of any country.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Trusted Motorcycle Tour Company

Trusted Motorcycle Tour Company

Legendary Moto Rides is a perfect motorcycle tour operator & motorbike tour company of India that is offering you customizedmotorcycle tour of India. We are very happy to announce that we are offering Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour, Himalayan Motorcycle tour, Ladakh Motorcycle Tour (Land of High Passes & World’s Highest Motorable Road), Spiti Valley (Known as Little Tibet) Motorcycle Tour, Himachal Pradesh Motorcycle Tour, Uttrakhand Motorcycle Tour, South India Motorcycle Tour, Motorcycle Tour to Nepal, Motorcycle Tour to Bhutan & adventure motorcycle tour with required facilities like latest model of Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle with electric start, experienced, trusted & friendly motorcycle road captain to lead you on road, mechanic with all necessary parts required for the motorbike,  food, accommodation and many more because we believe that exploring by motorcycle has to be one of the most incredible ways to experience the terrain you're travelling through. We introduce you India is an exhilarating cultural experience for any traveller and a real carnival for the senses.

Legendary Moto Rides is an Adventure Motorcycle Tour and Rental company that provide some of the most amazing experiences, expeditions, rentals and customized trips through India, Nepal & Bhutan. You have many options available with Legendary Moto Rides to book Motorcycle Tours & adventure Motorbike Tours with the perfect consolidation of enclosed contained activities and free time to explore the nation’s rich heritage. 

Legendary Moto Rides is a Indian Motorcycle TourCompany & we do have our Motorcycles & team of Road Captains with first hand local knowledge about the off road & local culture & our expert mechanics fix the motorbike in very quick time that is why we are one of the most reliable Motorcycle Tour company which offers you a very reasonable price & highly personalized services in Motorcycle Tour. During Motorcycle Holiday you enjoy motorcycle trip & other activities to see astounding animals on wildlife safari you spot wild animals and explore nature estate possessed by rare birds on India. In Wildlife Tours there is sample collection of wildlife viewing contingency available.

Bike tours organized by Legendary Moto Rides in India takes you on very exciting trails to see the rural India & viewing opportunities of their typical daily life style.

We are the world leading Motorcycle tour company India giving the guarantee to providing the bother free tour. If you will visit with us then you will want visit again and again with Legendary Moto Rides. We stand here to introduce to the entire tourist an incredible India through their best specialty on Royal Enfield 500cc Motorcycle.

Legendary Moto Rides is right Tour Company in India that manages Fixed Departure and designs the customize Motorcycle tour packages as per your requirement in terms of budget & tour duration.

Our expert professional motorcycle travel advisor will give you the great ideas that where you can visit in India according to season and also provide the whole packages of excursion. Snow peaked mountains, wildlife, forts, monuments, village visit, scenic view, pilgrimages, elephant ride, camel ride are the highlights during Motorcycle Tour. They will help you in visiting the safe and joyful journey.
Our passion and expertise for the destinations create not only unique but affordable experiences for Motorcycle Tour / Motorbike Trip (