Friday 14 April 2017

Why Ride with us

Why Ride with us
If you are planning for Motorcycle Holiday in India then you want to ensure you choose an experienced & a local company that is going to look after you, give you the best time of your life and true value for your money. You have worked hard for your money and you want to make sure you invest it wisely. Our price in all tours is very competitive. We guarantee it. 

There are tour companies that will charge you less and there are tour companies that will charge you a lot more than us but there are none that come close to the value for money that Legendary Moto Rides offers.

We buy Royal Enfield 500cc motorbike & use in our tours for maximum 03 years in well maintained condition. If condition is not well then we sell it before & buy a new one.
Our services are always from Airport to Airport. You will be received by our representative at Airport & he will assist you for a smooth & prompt check-in at Hotel. We always use the authentic hotel to give you the real feel of every region, which are equal to 4 star hotels. We always share name with web-link of every hotel, so our rider can check on internet & compare.

We use a proper backup vehicle that your luggage is transported in. If the bike is lighter, it is easier to handle and safer and if you come off in a river crossing you’ll have heaps of warm, dry clothes in the support vehicle.

04 Reasons to Choose Legendary Moto Rides (

Experienced Guides, Mechanics, Support Vehicle with a complete back-up team managed by professionals to take care for each & every rider/pillion personally.

2.   Great motorcycles
We always use Royal Enfield 500cc Motorcycle in exceptionally well maintained condition. Our mechanical experts take daily loving care of all the bikes used on our tours.

Breathtaking Destinations, Exhilarating Activities, Amazing Stays and Stunning Landscapes giving you an unforgettable experience

You have a 10% discount on your 2nd trip with us & 15% on your 3rd trip.

In our Guided Motorcycle tour, we assure you to take you on a route which is really scenic, exciting & gives you a 100% authentic experience. Our tours are exciting, challenging and rewarding. Come to India & enjoy the ride of Royal Enfield Motorcycle for a Life changing experience.

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Saturday 1 April 2017

Incredible Motorcycle Tours in India

If you love to ride motorcycles, travel and explore, try new foods, meet new people - and want the very best in India– then the Legendary Moto Rides is the ONLY motorcycle tour company you should consider. Off course there are many other motorcycle tour company in India & also some of them may be a cheaper option but when you see the bike condition, hotel category & most importantly the route which is only a highway all the time in your tour & you just see the trucks, cars & buses.

When you choose Legendary Moto Rides as your motorcycle tour operator in India, then for sure you will get the unmatched services like guides and staff are incredible, The bikes and equipment are fantastic. With well planned routes and carefully considered accommodations, you will be losing your breath not just on your bike, but as soon as you step off. I was lucky enough to complete the Rajasthan tour with my father, and the experience and chance to bond will stick with me for the rest of my life. I have encouraged all my friends, and I encourage you, to take a step back, get out, and explore the world in a way you never thought you could with LMR! I would recommend Legendary Moto Rides to any seasoned rider looking for motorcycle tours and views where pictures simply do no justice. You only live once, and you only start living when you don't hold back.

I can assure you that, being a local Motorcycle Tour company from INDIA, you will get the true value of your money & riding on scenic routes which are personally discovered by the founders as they deeply in love with their Royal Enfield Motorbikes & passion of exploring exciting route for bikers motivated them to start this company, so they can share the unique route with their rider friends from all over the World to show you the real India. Before booking your trip with us kindly check our facebook page, reviews on trip advisor, our Tour Videos on Youtube & you ask the company to provide the contact details of their previous rider from your country to cross check, just in case if you don’t trust Facebook photos, Youtube Videos & review on Trip advisor.

Legendary Moto Rides offers fixed departure tour as well as tailor made holidays. The experienced travel designer will design tour itineraries according to your test & budget. On Tour our Experienced & expert road captain will take you to best eye-catching rural routes with panoramic landscape & meet with the locals like people working in farm & you can ride tractor, Bullock cart with them, also see the people making bricks, walk in tribal village & see their daily life style, meet with the school students & see the education style in India direct from the class, Oxen wheel taking out water from well & many more interesting activities like camel ride in soft sand dunes of thar desert, enjoy music & dance with local artist, elephant ride, jeep safari in wildlife sanctuaries & many more.

To get best motorcycle tour experience in India with scenic village road, choose Legendary Moto Rides (