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Legendary Moto Rides is a local Indian motorcycle tour and travel company, offering tours in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Our most popular motorcycle tours in India are (1) Regal Rajasthan in the north-west of India, (2) Stunning South India in the south of India, and in the Indian Himalayas, explore (3) Heavenly Himachal, (4) Unique Uttarakhand, (5) Epic Spiti Valley, and (6) the Grand Ladakh Tours.

We are offering a 10% discount on the above-mentioned India's Most Iconic Motorcycle Tours to rider who book with a minimum group of three riders. In our Himalayan motorcycle tours, we are offering 10% off to each rider and also to pillion only if you book a spot for an individual rider in our fixed departure. Adventure seekers can experience the unique thrill of traveling over the towering peaks and through the stunning valleys of the Himalayas, in northern India, on a legendary Royal Enfield motorbike with a discounted offer from Legendary Moto Rides.

Himalayan Motorbike Tour is in bucket list of million bike lovers who ride motorbikes ; Legendary Moto Rides is offering a special, 10 per cent discount per person in our fixed departure tour of ‘’ The Grand Ladakh” ,  ‘’Epic Spiti Valley’’ , “Unique Uttarakhand’’ and ‘’Heavenly Himachal’’  adventurous expedition in northern India for season 2023 and 2024.

Home to the world’s highest peaks, the Indian Himalayas offer spectacular landscapes and exhilarating riding.  Legendary Moto Rides is offering the unique thrill of journeying deep into the Himalayan Mountains on a legendary Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle that very few riders dare to ride.

Our most popular adventure motorcycle tours ‘The Grand Ladakh’’ & “”Epic Spiti Valley””expedition gives riders the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel over some of the world’s high mountain passes with our personal & professional service which offer unique way of experiencing the epic Himalayan ranges. In both the rides guests can experience the adrenaline rush as they travel on narrow, winding roads filled with hair-raising gorges and sky-scraping cliffs. Making their way through the mountains, guests will visit the Lahlung and Dahnkar monasteries – some of the oldest monasteries in the world – and immerse themselves in Indo-Tibetan culture as they visit the small hidden mountain villages of Spiti, Komic and Hikkim, which is home to the highest post office in the world (4400m) in Spiti Valley Tour. During the Grand Ladakh Tour, rider will be staying for overnight on height of 3000 mtr to 4600 mtr & offcourse you will ride Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycle to conquer Highest Motorable road Khardung-la Pass (17,582 FT), Changla Pass (17,560 FT), Tanglangla Pass (17,480 FT) & all three most popular & beautiful lakes like Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri Lake & Tsokar Lake with experience of Double Hump Camel Ride in Sand Dunes of Nubra Valley. Riding on Highest Motorable Road & other high passes in Himalaya is the life time moment for every motorcyclist. We invite all thrill seeker motorcycle enthusiast to join in our High Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure Tour on Legendary Royal Enfield Motorbike to test your guts. Apart from the natural beauty, you will meet the welcoming and cheerful people of the Himalayas. All this diversified culture and landscape remains a life time memory.

The best time for both the trip is from June to September. The Grand Ladakh is 12 days trip with price USD 2200 Per Rider & The Epic Spiti Valley is 13 days trip with price USD 2400 Per Rider. The price includes accommodation, breakfast-dinner, fuel, domestic flights and local transfers. Your trip will be escorted by experienced crew members that include guide and mechanic with spare parts and back up vehicle for baggage. You will ride into entirely isolated and remote valleys of Lahaul-Spiti-Himachal Pradesh & Ladakh and tranquil landscapes, soothing for eyes and soul.

Quote the code ‘HIMALAYA10’ when booking with Legendary Moto Rides.

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Information for Motorcycle Tour in India


                                                 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a motorcycle license for riding in India?

A: Yes you do. To be legally riding in India you are required to carry your local driving license, which must cover the size of bike you will be riding – 500cc for the Classic. This will also be a stipulation of any travel insurance company too

Q: Do I need an International Driving Permit?

A: Yes, you need an International Driving License. It is cheap, quick and easy to obtain in your home 

Q: What about Insurance?

A: Travel insurance for a trip like this is a complete essential. We all know that riding motorcycles carries a certain amount of risk, so riding unfamiliar motorcycles on unfamiliar roads does not decrease that! Getting proper travel insurance that covers you for riding abroad is a no-brainer. If things go awry, you need to know that you have the correct cover to get you home safely such as emergency evacuation, medical bills, repatriation etc.  

Q: What currency should I bring with me?

A: This one is both simple and complicated. The local currency is Indian Rupees – INR. However, unless you are a resident of India, importing rupees is prohibited so you cannot actually obtain the notes outside the country itself like you can for other countries. You can either bring in other currencies to exchange when in India, or simply withdraw rupees from ATMs or do bring cash, US dollars, Euro, GBP, SGG, AUD are universally welcome. 

Q: Do I need a visa for India?

A: Yes, The easiest way to get one is to apply for an e-tourist visa online. Assuming you live in an eligible country / territory you can apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 120 days.  For peace of mind, we recommend you do this nicely in advance to avoid any delays or issues. The visa lasts 60 days so unless you decide to extend your trip for vastly more than the length of the tour, then this should be plenty

Q: Where do I fly into?

A: You will need to book return flights to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi DEL for Rajasthan, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Ladakh & Spiti Valley Tours for Southern India Tour you need to book flight tickets to Kochi (COK) and Chennai (MAA) as per your Tour Itinerary.  Our office representative will meet you at the airport with paging of your name.

Q: How do I carry my main luggage?

A: In our fixed departure tours, we are followed on the ride by support vehicles. This means that all your luggage goes in there rather than having it bounce around on the back your Royal Enfield for miles on end. You just need to take either a tank bag or small rucksack with cameras and any travel essentials you feel you can’t manage without. All the spares, luggage, medical supplies, fuel, and post-ride beer goes in the truck.

Q: What is the baggage allowance for the flight back to Delhi from Leh?

A: In domestic flight, the included baggage allowance is 15kg.  

Q: How big is the group?

A: The average group size is between eight and ten riders as that’s about the manageable amount for a mixed group. If you are booking a private tour with a group of friends or a riding club we can be a bit more flexible on the upper number as it’s easier to coordinate a group that already know each other and ride together back home.

Q: Will we have a local guide & mechanic ?

A: Yes – definitely.  All of our tours are accompanied by at least one local guide and a mechanic allround fixer who can smooth our passage through India. 

Q: Do I need to take water with me?

A: Regular hydration is a good idea when you ride, so many of our riders will take a Camelbak or drinks reservoir with them. There’s plenty of water in the support vehicle so we’ll ensure everyone gets a drink during our frequent stops but having some with you is always a sensible move, even if it’s just a bottle in your day bag my suggestion though would be to carry bottled water.

Q: What riding kit should I wear?

A: This is a regular question from all our riders. We don’t provide any riding gear for this trip so bringing your own is essential. As the riding is predominantly road based in this region, then road / adventure style kit is the way to go rather than off-road or enduro gear. So that’s going to mean a good helmet, protective riding jacket and trousers, ideally with CE or equivalent approved armour on the pointy bits – elbows, knees and shoulders. You are also going to need good leather gloves, a neck tube to keep out the cold and maybe even base layers for the days we are travelling at altitude and the temperature drops. You should take waterproofs if your kit doesn’t keep out the wet stuff, but in reality the region is fairly dry when our tours are running. We don’t recommend open face helmets as they simply do not offer the same level of protection as a full face or flip front helmet even at low speeds. 

Q: Do I need any immunisations for India?

A: Yes, you may do, but clearly it depends on what you’ve already had. The usual suspects that our riders normally get is Tetanus, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, and Polio. These diseases still exist in many parts of the world and India is one of them, so getting adequately immunised is a wise precaution. Please contact your local doctor or your country’s national health advisory service to see what they recommend for the area you are visiting. Some on the immunisations are free, some you will need to pay for.

Q: How much spending money will I need to bring with me?

A: So, this is up to you, but as our most of the tour is a largely inclusive tour apart from Lunch, and then you don’t need that much. All breakfast & Dinner, accommodation, permits and fuel are sorted by us, so you just need cash for souvenirs, tips and alcoholic drinks. Unless you go absolutely mad in the gift shops and bars, then around $200 – $300 should be adequate. Shopping in India tends to be very reasonable so you can get quite a lot for not much!  On the beer front, we encourage a bit of restraint – this is a riding tour after all, so we like to keep eight hours between bottle and throttle.

Q: What is the accommodation like?

A: The accommodation on each trip is deliberately varied to give you a wide experience of the region. Sometimes we’ll be in quality hotels with all the facilities you’d expect, sometimes we’ll be in average campsites miles away from anywhere specially in Spiti Valley & Ladakh Tours.  But wherever we stay, bear in mind this is India and things are not necessarily the same as back home. And that’s exactly the point – that’s what adventure travel is about.

Q: How do I charge my camera?

A: All the hotels have plug sockets. The campsites have sockets in the tents or in the main dining tents but turn the electricity off over night. So yes you will be able to charge your gadgets most nights. There are 2 types of sockets in India – 3 Pin connections – Type D, or 2 pin connections Type C.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available throughout the tour?

A: As we said earlier, yes in theory, although in practice, Wi-Fi coverage can be slow at best, slow on average and non-existent on many occasions. When you are riding in some of the most epic landscapes in the world, then just enjoying it for yourself is beautifully liberating – you can show your photos when you get back home.

Q: Can I get an Indian SIM card?

A: You can buy a local sim card in Delhi, however, this will only give you coverage for some of the trip, but far from all! Most riders just wait to use the wifi at the hotels that have it. Again the wifi isn’t great, enough to message people but not watch youtube videos or downloading. We recommend you set the ‘out-of-office auto-reply’ for your emails!

Q: Is it safe to drink the tap water?

A: In a word No! Although the locals may be drinking tap water, doing the same has a strong possibility of playing havoc with your insides. It’s called Delhi Belly for a reason. We recommend that you drink only bottled water and that you check the seal before drinking. If you chose canned drinks, give the lid a good wipe beforehand just to be sure. And for tooth brushing, rinsing with bottled water is a good idea too.

Q: Can you cater for vegetarians / food allergies?

A: As most of the population is vegetarian, then avoiding meat is no problem at all. As to food allergies that’s much harder to control, especially in restaurants with small kitchens and limited experience as to the complications of lactose or gluten intolerance. We will make every effort possible to communicate your requirements to the places we visit, but we are unable to make cast iron guarantees. If you are going to go into a life-threatening spasm if you touch a stray peanut, then share it with your tour medic –  we need to know that stuff. 

Q: How can I avoid altitude sickness in Himalayan Tour?

A: 1. Stay hydrated. Caffeine and alcohol impacts hydration, so maybe keep intake to a minimum until you are acclimatised.  Apparently a high potassium diet helps.  Make a conscious effort to breathe properly as we climb to higher altitudes in Himalayan Tour – you want to saturate your blood with oxygen. Your tour leader will explain this in more detail in your welcome briefing.  Diamox is an altitude sickness tablet – please do your own research on this – if you decide you would like to take these, You’ll want to start taking these in Delhi, before we start climbing. Ibuprofen if you start to feel a headache coming on, but please notify the tour medic beforehand.  

Q: Who operates this tour?

A: This tour is operated by Indian Local Tour company, Legendary Moto Rides.

Q: How do I book?

A: To secure your place we simply need a 10% non-refundable deposit. We need further 40% more payment 50 days prior to the tour start date & balance 50% you pay us on arrival in India.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept direct bank transfers & by