Tuesday 18 April 2023

India Motorbike Travel Tips: Make the most out of your holiday

Motorcycle holiday to India is a thrilling way to see stunning parts of the India on off the usual tourist tracks. Book your spot on our guided tour and experience a biker holiday like no other.

We have an exciting selection of Indian motorbike tours, covering India’s most iconic routes.

Motorcycle holidays are a great way to meet like-minded travelers and motorcycle fanatics, whilst exploring a country and embracing the exhilarating freedom of the open road.

Chaotic, mystifying and enchanting, India is a country that is leaves its mark to all those who visit. A sublime mix of traditions, spiritual beliefs and culture, the Indian Subcontinent stretches from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the quiet and tranquil backwaters of Kerala, with palm-fringed coastlines and lush green forests in between.

An India holiday isn’t just about the diverse landscapes or the exotic wildlife - it is India’s rich and diverse tapestry that is the most enchanting. Ancient rituals and sacred sites from temples and palaces to religious festivals and events, there is so much to digest.

Discover the spices, colour and people that make this country so compelling. Our Guided Motorcycle tours take you to must-see destinations including the Rajasthan with the magnificent Taj Mahal, Southern India’s peaceful hills and lakeside resorts, Ladakh & Spiti Valley in Himalayas.

If you’re planning a trip, the first thing you need to consider is the sheer scale of the country and where to go in India. India is an enormous country full of variety… in terms of everything from landscapes and climate to culture, language, religion and food. In this sense, it’s more useful to think of India as a subcontinent rather than a country. To give you an example, an Indian holiday could start in lush backwaters, pass thought jungles, vast deserts, crumbling forts, majestic palaces and cosmopolitan cities, all before finishing up in the snow-peaked Himalayas. Whatever you’re after, we can definitely craft your dream motorcycle holiday to India – because there’s so much to discover and explore. However, before a first trip (or even after), many of our clients ask the same question; where should I go in India?

Where to go in India

The answer is: this all depends on what you like because, in India, there really is something for everyone. Typically, we would recommend sticking to one area of the country, allowing enough time to absorb all that it offers, at a pleasant and comfortable pace. Although the excellent, ever-expanding domestic flight network helps link destinations all over the country, at LMR we follow the general mantra that less results in more, in terms of experience, anyway. This is because each different region can feel like a completely different country – one state can differ from another as much as Spain differs from Iceland – meaning that, like countries, each really does merit its own trip. Regions differ so much due to a range of influences, a lot of which come down to India’s colourful past, including different religions, the impact of foreign settlers, topography and climates. There’s a reason that some people spend their whole lives travelling to the country again and again, and never end up getting bored.

So, to summarise, where to go in India is entirely down to you. However, as Indian travel experts, we have provided some insights to help you decide where to travel below.

When to go to India?

More of a subcontinent than a country, India’s weather system is affected by the huge variety in geography across the country. In simple terms, India is a good year-round destination – as there’ll always be somewhere with clear skies, warmth and sunshine. 

For those wanting to experience the Rajasthan, South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka), Madhya Pradesh, and Goa, the best time to visit is between October to March. For mountain-lovers, there are a few options: From April to June, explore Uttarakhand & Himachal & from June to September you have Ladakh & Spiti Valley is excellent during the European summer months.

You may wish to consider visiting when one of the country’s various festivals is in full swing. The vibrant Holi festival of colours happens in March while Diwali normally takes place in October-November. These two major cultural events definitely make for an extra special experience during your visit.


We've been organizing motorcycle tours for more than 15 years, and plan each itinerary - whether it's our signature Regal Rajasthan Motorcycle holiday or our Stunning Kerala Tour or our Himalayan Height Tour - with care and attention. Carefully chosen accommodation at every step of your journey. While you're away, dedicated tour managers work to ensure your trip is never less than memorable - all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy one of the world's most incredible countries.



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