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Six motorcycle tours of India you must do before you get too old

 India offers diverse landscapes, climates, and cultures. There’s a reason India is often called a "sub-continent"—it describes the scale much better than just ‘country’, although some might even consider it a world of its own. India is a perfect destination that offers superb prospects for motorcycle tours. The mighty mountains, the golden beaches, the vast variety of wildlife, and the Thar deserts - India has everything to give you a dose of thrill!

Travel is value for money, and if you are on the lookout for the best-value motorcycle tours of India, then you are at the right place. With more than 14 years of being in business providing motorcycle tours for India, Legendary Moto Rides has hand-picked a few that feature on our list of the best-value motorcycle tour packages for India. All of us must have been to places that are in the limelight and famous for their scenic beauty. Discover the best of the country as these Six tour itineraries include the popular Regal Rajasthan, Epic Spiti Valley, Stunning South India, the Grand Ladakh are the well-known tours, and even the off-the-track tours rich in plentiful experiences like Ride to Goa-Karnataka and the Tiger Trail for your motorcycle holidaying in India.

We highly recommend that you ride a motorcycle with us on the below tours at least once in your lifetime!

1.  Regal Rajasthan (the Land of the Regal Warrior)

The enchanting northern province of Rajasthan is awash with all the colours of India. Rajasthan is known for its royal forts, castles, palaces, colourful markets, desert villages, rich culture and heritage, the tradition that has gone on for centuries in Rajasthan, and the warmth of its people. On our Regal Rajasthan motorcycle holiday, we see all sides of this fascinating state. Motorcycling means that everything is slower and closer in India. Interact with the wonderful local population of small towns; drink chai under a roadside tree with friendly locals. From the opulence and splendour of Maharajahs' palaces to the Holy Lakes and the beauty of the Taj Mahal, this motorcycle trip has it all. Take a Regal Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour with Team Legendary Moto Rides and enjoy riding the legendary Royal Enfield. We’ll stay in historic palaces, fortresses, and havelis as you experience Indian history on this tour.

Check out our detailed itinerary to see all that we have to offer on our Rajasthan motorbike tour.


2.  Stunning South India (the Land of Spices, Coconut, Beaches, and Backwaters)

Despite being less visited compared to the north, South India is no less exciting and vibrant. Its astonishingly diverse scenery, architecture, culture, and people are a pleasure to experience. Our Kerala-Tamil Nadu tour is easily the ultimate motorbike trip to the best holiday destinations in South India. Whether you are an avid motorcyclist, a culture aficionado, a photographer, a nature lover, or just a curious traveller looking for a good time, motorbiking through the two South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu gives you a whole kaleidoscopic mix of cultural, religious, and exploratory experiences to make your Indian holiday trip extraordinary. In our stunning South India Motorcycle Tour, you explore Kerala and Tamil Nadu beyond buildings and monuments, past temples and tombs, and into the living and breathing heritage of South India. In 13 days full of on- and off-motorbike adventures, experience the quintessential pace of South Indian life: the bustle of a big city, the lively local villages, fantastic food, and fascinating culture, while finding plenty of time to unwind in the peace and tranquilly of serene backwaters and tropical forests.

Check out our detailed itinerary to see all that we have to offer on our South India motorbike tour. (

3.  Epic Spiti Valley (Explore the Little Tibet)

Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. The name "Spiti" means "the middle land", i.e., the land between Tibet and India. A Spiti Valley bike trip is one of the most adventurous journeys that one should take. Spiti Valley is one of the least populated regions of India. Motorbike trips in Spiti Valley offer the opportunity to explore some of the beautiful terrain of the Himalayas. Mountains on the Spiti Valley route from Chandigarh are full of lush green forests, barren hills, off-road trails, and snow-capped mountains. During this "Spiti bike trip" you will be exploring some of the oldest monasteries like Key Gompa and Dhankar monastery, the last Indian village "Chitkul", the famous Hindustan-Tibet highway, the world's highest post office at Hikkim Village, the highest village in the world connected by road at Komic Village, and the world-famous Chandratal Lake.

Check out our detailed itinerary to see all that we have to offer on our epic Spiti Valley motorbike tour. (

4.  Goa-Karnataka Ride (Experience Coastal Riding and Ancient Monuments)

Goa and Karnataka are two states that are completely different from each other. Karnataka and Goa motorcycle tours will show you the two sides of the coin. While deep-rooted Indian culture is the highlight of the Karnataka tour, the trend of a hard-core party best describes the Goa tour. The breathtaking scenic beauty of southern India captivates the attention of numerous visitors every year.

This motorcycle tour in India will start and finish in Goa. From tropical Goa, journey to the southern state of Karnataka to discover the incredible ruins of mediaeval Hampi and the rock-cut caves of Badami. Karnataka is enriched with culture and heritage, fabulous temples and churches, sun-kissed sand, a serene sea, the mesmerising aroma of roasted coffee beans, and the fragrance of sandalwood.

On this bike trip to India, you will be impressed with the rustic ruins in Hampi, which is also a UNESCO-listed heritage site. The mediaeval structures in Badami and Aihole uncover another interesting chapter of Indian history. Explore the beautiful beaches of Goa with strikingly beautiful interiors and historic churches and temples. Goa with Karnataka Motorcycle Tour is well known for its coast riding and cultural experience.

Book a motorcycle trip to Goa with Karnataka to experience the coastal riding and explore the culturally rich and World Heritage monuments in India.

Check out our detailed itinerary to see all that we have to offer on our Goa-Karnataka motorbike tour. (


5.  The Tiger Trail (Bullet and Tiger Safari to Central India)

This motorcycle tour of India covers the top five parks for tiger viewing in Central India, including Panna, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, and Satpura in Madhya Pradesh, offering the best chance to sight the elusive tiger. Madhya Pradesh is often called the heart of India due to its central location in the country. You will be fascinated once you take a Madhya Pradesh wildlife safari tour and see the diversity of its flora and fauna. This region holds the largest wild population of the mighty Bengal tiger, and there are many wildlife parks to discover, such as Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Satpura National Park, and Panna and Pench National Parks. The riverside tombs at Orchha and the UNESCO World Heritage Erotic Temples in Khajuraho are also worth visiting during this Wild Life Tour of India on Motorcycle.

In this motorbike tour of Madhya Pradesh, we enjoy a motorcycle ride on village roads and explore incredible wildlife, including the elusive Bengal tiger, wild boar, sloth bear, wild dog, monkey, and many varieties of deer. The dramatic diversity of bird life is also prevalent here, from colourful peacocks and kingfishers to mighty eagles and menacing vultures. Book your bike holiday to India with us and explore the wild life by riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle on a scenic trek in Madhya Pradesh.

Check out our detailed itinerary to see all that we have to offer on our Tiger Trail motorbike tour.



6.  The Grand Ladakh (3 High Passes, 3 Lakes & Ancient Culture)

Ladakh literally means the land of high passes, but there’s more to it than mere geographical elevation. This arid, rugged mountain range is home to some of the most ancient Buddhist monasteries you are likely to find anywhere in the world.

The Grand Ladakh Motorcycle Tour is one of the most demanding and exhilarating mountain motorcycle tours in the world. It is an extreme challenge through the heart of the Indian Himalayas on some of the highest accessible roads on the planet, but the rewards are immense. You will enjoy some of the finest riding an adventure cyclist could wish for, encountering switchback after switchback and ascending to an altitude of 5,000m. And the captivating scenery of soaring snow-capped peaks, rugged mountain passes, and remote valleys will make all your exertions worthwhile. 

This Adventurous Mighty High Himalayan Motorcycle tour is also known as a high altitude motorcycle expedition Tour as you will be staying for overnight on height of 3000 mtr to 4600 mtr & offcourse you will ride Royal Enfield 500cc Motorcycle to conquer Highest Motorable road Khardung-la Pass (17,582 FT), Changla Pass (17,560 FT), Tanglangla Pass (17,480 FT) & all three most popular & beautiful lakes like Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri Lake & Tsokar Lake with experience of Double Hump Camel Ride in Sand Dunes of Nubra Valley

Riding on Highest Motorable Road & other high passes in Himalaya is the life time moment for every motorcyclist. We invite all thrill seeker motorcycle enthusiast to join in our High Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure Tour on Legendary Royal Enfield 500cc Motorbike to test your guts.

Check out our detailed itinerary to see all that we have to offer on our Ladakh motorbike tour.



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