Wednesday 23 August 2023

Questions in Mind before booking a Motorcycle Holiday to India

How do I apply for a Visa?

Visa applications can be requested online through the official website:

Please note that e-Visa might not be available for certain nationalities. Contact the nearest Indian High Consulate for assistance.

Driving License

International Driving Permit required


What should I bring?

Good crash helmet (BS Kite Mark)

Protective Jackets

Protective gloves

Protective trousers


Waterproof bike boots, shin and ankle protection

Windproof and waterproof trousers and jacket

Scarf or bandana to keep dust out of your nose and mouth



High Factor sun cream (30+ minimum)

Lip balm

Mosquito repellent

How is the climate in Rajasthan?

The best time for Rajasthan Tour is from October to March but highly recommended months are November to February with super fine weather condition for biking.


What kind of clothes should I wear in Rajasthan?

Protective clothing such as pants, boots and jackets for when riding. Waterproof jacket is also recommended in case of unexpected rain showers. In general you can wear clothing when not riding.


How is the climate in Himalayas?

The best time for motorcycle holiday in Himalayas start from June to till September – you can expect mostly blue skies although it can be cold at night due to altitude. When the sun is out, it is hot and you can get sunburnt easily.


What kind of clothes should I wear in Himalayas ?

Beside protective clothing such as pants, boots and jackets for when riding, in general you can wear shorts and light t-shirts. It is also recommended to bring a sweater or two, alongside with some long pants for when staying at higher altitude. Waterproof jacket is also recommended as some days might be rainy.


Do I risk to get altitude illness Ladakh (Himalayan Tour)?

As we always say, we are not doctors so we strongly recommend that you consult your physician of trust and ensure that you are physically fit for such an experience. Said so, the expedition starts at lower altitudes and gradually takes us high up to 5000+ mt to help acclimatize. The main player inducing altitude sickness is the lack of oxygen, for this reason we also carry portable oxygen cylinders in the support vehicle for any eventuality.


What is the group size?

The minimum number of riders required for tours in India is 8. The maximum number of riders per group is 10.


Touring in the Support Vehicle

Partners, family members or friends of riders can also join and travel in the support vehicle at Pillion price.


Do I have to pay separately for the domestic flights?

No, all the domestic flight fares are included in the total price of the tour.

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